Attraction Killer: Stop Defending, Excusing, Explaining and Rationalizing Yourself to Women

I have just launched “The Primal Spark” blueprint, in it I talk about the many ways men kill the spark of attraction for women to the point that by the end of the night, she says “Your such a great guy, but……

This usually baffles the man, he thinks to himself “If I am such a great guy then why doesn’t she want to date me again?”. What he doesn’t realize is that women are craving for good men to show up in their world, they really do want a great guy like you BUT only if you spoke to her differently.

If only you stopped….. killing the spark!

Most men who are bad at dating are approval seekers. They just want to be liked by women. They see a woman’s approval as the ultimate validation of their worth as a man.

This leads men into logically trying to persuade a woman into being attracted to them. One way they do this is by defending, explaining, excusing and rationalizing themselves to her.

A good friend of him, who also happens to be skilled with women, fell into this trap. He was on a first date with a woman he met online.

Drinks were flowing, they were touching, kissing, rubbing, things were heating up…….

He said, “Let’s get out of here!”

On his way from the pub to his apartment, he was hit with his own insecurity about his living conditions.

He was in the middle of launching a new business venture so he was strapped for cash and living in a tiny studio apartment.

He begins to explain himself to her on the way back. She stops him and says “Don’t ruin the moment”.

What she was really saying was “You are killing the spark by explaining yourself.” What she was really saying was “Just shut up and f**k me”.

Be You, Show Up & Present Your Stumbling Self to the World 

Brian Halpin

Empowering Men to Create that “Spark” & Show Up to the World More Powerfully

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  • Can I get a pdf version that I can print out (old school) for 7.99 ? 😂 meet up give you the cash before you head off? 🌏

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