Is She Just Stringing You Along?

Let’s say you meet a girl, she seems interested and flirty but every time you try to escalate she stops you dead in your tracks or on the other hand, you are texting a girl and she might even send you dirty pictures but when it comes to meeting up in person she always has an excuse.

Why does she do this?

It’s simple, she doesn’t want to close the lid on the huge amount of validation she is getting from all the men who want to sleep with her.

We all love validation. It’s why we strive for accomplishments and awards.

Women know that the quickest and most available outlet for her to get validation is from a man who wants to sleep with her. You could even say that a woman enjoys the attention she gets from men as much or if not more than she enjoys sex.

I want to teach you how to even the playing field.

The solution is in SETTING THE TONE.

The first thing is to get clear on your intent. If you want to sleep with her, own your sexual agenda and bring it to the table. In that case, you don’t want to get caught up in exchanging texts back and forth.

You want to tell her something like “I am not really into texts so let’s hang out on Saturday at 2pm. Meet me at…..”

If she flakes then I suggest you give her a “three strikes and you are out policy”, give her three more opportunities to follow your lead but if she keeps refusing then move on and stop pursuing her.

The power you have is in your ATTENTION.

The saddest thing is when you see a guy who doesn’t get this and chases her around like a little puppy dog hoping that she is going to fall in love with home or come around to his place.

Use the power of your attention. Gift it to those women who are enthusiastic in wanting to be with you and form a relationship with you and remove it from the women who are just keeping you around to fuel their own sense of desirability and validation.

As always ….

Be You, Show Up & Present Your Stumbling Self to the World

Brian Halpin

The Dating Consultant for Motivated Men

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