Self-Rejection: Most Men Give Up Before She Stops Showing Interest

It’s one thing if she says “no” to your invitation and another if you self-reject before you’ve even asked her for anything or tested her level of interest……

Most men will give up at the first sign that things aren’t running smoothly……

Maybe she seems a little standoffish or the conversation fell flat or she might have even made a snotty remark.

Sometimes a woman will “test” a man she is interested in to see if he is really……

Man Enough To Be Her Man!

She wants to feel your confidence, your emotional and mental strength, she wants to feel how you are unphased by her and the external environment, she wants to see your non-reactivity.

It’s at this point where the average, socially conditioned man will walk away…..

Self-rejecting himself just as the flirting and sexual tension was getting started.

So what do you do?

I am not suggesting you harass a woman into liking you because if a woman is consistently showing low interest in you yet you are displaying high interest in her…….

It leads to the land of creepiness and just hammers you further into the creepy, weird and loser zone the more you try to pursue her.

Yet there is only one way to find out if a woman is interested or not in wanting to be with you……

And that is by TESTING.

It’s by testing so boldly and clearly that her response will be equally bold and clear.

Most men are too afraid to hear “no” that they linger in “maybe” land and self-reject themselves before she ever does.

All successful men who understand women are willing to push the interaction to “no” or to where she follows their strong masculine lead…..

And into the kind of relationship, you always wanted with her.

So you have two choices:

1. Self-reject and never know whether she was really interested or not but avoid being told “no”.


2. Be willing to get to “no” but also don’t be too surprised if she follows your lead and becomes your #1 fan.

As always…..

Be You, Show Up and Present Your Stumbling Self to the World

Brian Halpin

The Dating Coach for Men


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